Renata Traupe...

was born in Poland near Krakow.

Her fascination for make-up began 14 years ago during her international career as a fashion model.

Discovered by Elite Models she has worked from Milan to Tokyo with the best in our industry and has experienced the effectiveness and importance of a very good hair and make-up artist up close and personal.

She has in-depth knowledge in the areas of hair styling and make-up - as well as special effects, airbrushing and HD make up.

Renata's fascination for creativity developed further. She learned graphic design and led the art direction for German and Italian photo agencies.  This has also resulted in projects that have received recognition in many international art magazines as well as being showcased in art exhibitions. 

When time allows it, she also supports students of photography and fashion design schools in Austria and Germany. Furthermore, she teaches and lectures about classic color theory, color type consultation, future trends and cosmetology for Akademie Mode und Design Munich.

She consults cosmetic companies on product development and PR concepts, and acts as brand ambassador for her clients. She boasts a long and varied list of customers.

Her well-groomed appearance, her linguistic proficiency, and her vast experience are highly sought for demanding projects.

Renata’s customers among others are:

Vogue, Vogue Business, Harper`s Bazaar, Instyle, ELLE, SCHÖN, Cosmopolitan, GRAZIA, Faint, Dapifer, Vision, HUF, Superior, Cocoon, OOB Paris, Shape, Jolly, Love FMD, Top Hair, Beauty Forum, Donna, Brigitte, Münchner Magazin, Exklusiv München, Paracelsus, Econova, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Neon, Wired, Alianz Mag., BMW Mag., Bunte, Gala, Bild, AZ, HOLA.

BMW,  Mini, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, Jaguar, Honda,  Skoda, FC Bayern, Siemens,  Allianz, Fujitsu, AOK, Deutsche Post, Magirus, Trans-O-Flex, Abus,  Giesecke & Devirent, Merkur Bank, CSU, SPD, Grüne Augsburg, Mary Kay, Reviderm, PIXI, HYPOALLERGENIC, Trinity, A&T Friseure, ITCM, GNTM, AMD, Medizin Online Fernsehen,  Int. Münchener Filmwochen, ECHO, BERLINALE, BULGARI EVENTS,  JAB Golf Cup, P1, Swarovski, Byonik, REVIDERM, Mandarin Oriental, Mc Donald´s, CSS Versicherungen, Maxdome, Pro 7, SKY, RTL, RTL II, BR, ARD, AOL,  Sony Music, Stadt München, Stadt Innsbruck, Mauritius Images, Nostalphoniker, Bayrische Staatsoper, Land Pitzal, Land Tirol, Berchtesgadener Land, Stadt Salzburg, Stadt Innsbruck, Stadt München, Turismus Süd Tirol.

Armani, Louis Vouitton, Ralph Lauren, Bulgari, Joop, Falke, Marco Polo, Windsor, Hallhuber, OUI, KL Ruppert, Braxx, Sportscheck, Völkl, Bogner, Berger, Lilly Ingenhoven, Mira Einkaufzentrum, Olympia Einkaufzentrum.

Renata Traupe – List of celebrities:

Politicians of the federal finance ministry, CSU Bayern, SPD Bayern, Grüne Augsburg.

Board of directors BMW, Designer BMW, BMW Mini, Rolls-Royce, Board of directors Siemens, Board of directors Deutsche Post, board of directors Allianz, board of directors AOK, board of directors Fujitsu, board of directors Giesecke & Devrient, board of directors Völkl, board of directors Vaude.

SKY Sport presenters, RTL 2 presenters, Medizin Online Fernsehkanal, Pro 7 Germany's Next Top Model, Joey Grit-Winkler presenter, directors ARD, BR, BR- Orchestra.

Internationale Münchener Filmwochen.

Lindsay Vonn, Gary Paffet / Mercedes, JAB Golf Cup, Sabine Lisicki , Johanna Fellner, Stephanie Davis / Miss World Fitness, testimonials Völkl / several campaigns and press

The BossHoss, Scorpions, Joris, Bosse, Die Fantastischen Vier, Layori, Marina and the Diamonds, Nostalphoniker, Eisenhauer/Sony Music

Lucia Laccara/  Bayerische Staatsoper, Marlon Dino/Bayerische Staatsoper, Ensemble Bayerische Staatsoper 2013

Gunter Sachs, Prinzessin Lilly Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, Prinzessin Franziska Sayn-Wittgenstein, Prinzessin Vanessa Sayn-Wittgenstein, Prinzessin Anette Sayn-Wittgenstein, Marianne Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn, Prinzessin Henriette von Bayern, Fürst Alexander Schaumburg-Lippe, Heinrich Donatus Erbprinz zu Schaumburg-Lippe

Anne Vyalitsyna / Top Model/ Victorias Secret Model, Raica Oliveira/Top Model/ Victorias Secret Model, Petra Nemcova/Top Model, Kelly Rohrbach/Top Model/Schauspielerin, Joanna Krupa/ Top Model/ actress, Katie Nescher/Top Model, Lada Kravchenko/ Top Model, Eva Padberg/Top Model, Stefanie Giesinger/ Germany´s Next Top Model, Fernanda Brandao,

Jana Pallaske, Diana Lange-Swarovski, Victoria Swarovski, Verena Pooth, Viktoria Lauterbach, Alexandra Neldel, Kostja Ulmann, Marie Nasemann /Model, Anabelle Mandeng, Svenja  Holtmann, Martin Semmelrogge, Liliana Matthäus, Simone Ballack,

Various TOP Blogger:

Leonie Hanne, Scarlett Gartman, Stefanie Giesinger.